Muslim & Jewish Music Concert – Tonight – Friday March 13


An electic, synergistic, musical performance. A clash of symphonic proportions.

“Call, Court, and Casbah:Music of Muslim & Jewish Spainin Al-Andalus, Sefarad, and the Diaspora A free concert of rare music that follows the co-evolution of three religious musical stylings in medieval Spain, featuring period instruments such as the shawms, psaltery, organetto, recorder, saz, and percussion, as well as vocal performance. Ensemble Lipzodes is a musical group that celebrates the period of peaceful tolerance and cultural interplay of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity in Spain from 711 to 1492 AD, also known as la convivencia, or *the coexistence*, and afterwards in Morocco, the Balkans, Turkey, and even across the Atlantic Ocean. The relatively tolerant region of Al-Andalus in Spain was a center for learning and the free exchange of ideas among the diverse population, including Jewish and Muslim immigrants and exiles, from 711-1492 AD. Although not entirely devoid of religious and ethnic tensions, the functioning multiculturalism and religious plurality enabled North African, Mediterranean, and local Spanish influences, among others, to combine and form the Andalusian musical tradition that has since traveled around the world and been passed down from generation to generation. *The mysterious, magical, mystical, and religious side of the music, as well as its expressive and therapeutic aspects and its effects on the human soul (its ethos), are part of the foundation of the Andalusion-North African musical edifice.* – Mamoud Guettat.  Whether you’re interested in history, world religion, or discovering unique music, Call, Court, and Casbah is sure to be an exciting program for you”

To learn more about this performance, email or call 773.508.3847

Cost:  Frugal Free!
When: Friday,  March 13, 2009
Where: Cleo’s, 1935 W. Chicago Avenue, Chicago
Neighborhood: Rogers Park
Time: 7:30 p.m.
Contact: 773.508.3847
Website: Loyola University Chicago
Duration: Until over.
Getting There: Loyola L Stop (Redline/Purple Line). CTA Bus, 147, 151 (Howard)

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