French Quarter Burlesque – Thursday March 12


It’s Thursday. 30 Rock is probably a repeat, maybe the office is too. Feeling a little risque? Or, want to watch a person who is definitely feeling a little risque, along with feeling a whole lot of other things? Venture out to your friendly neighborhood burlesque show.  Guaranteed to put a nervous smile on your face.  Former hotdog vendor, Natasha Minsk (of course) along with Donna Touch, Wham Bam Pam, Bonny Babs, The Honey Buns, and Paris Green in Vaudezilla’s Erin Go BraLess promise a remarkable night. I wonder what my burlesque name is?

Cost:  Frugal Free!
When: Thursday, March 12, 2009
Where: Blue Bayou Bar & Grill, 3734 N. Southport, Chicago
Neighborhood: Lakeville/Wrigleyville
Time: 10 p.m.
Contact: 773-871-3300
Website: Blue Bayou Bar & Grill
Duration: 10 p.m., possibly until the last laced glove comes off.
Getting There: Located accross from Music Box theatre.  L/Bus: Get off at the Addison stop and take the Addison bus (west) to Southport. Brave the cold and walk North about 5 blocks. L/Brown Line: Get off at the Southport stop and walk North about 6-7 blocks.

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