Iphegenia 2.0 (This Time it’s Personal)


Yes Virginia, you can see quality theatre in Chicago for free! And that quality theatre can include gentleman’s etiquette and LL Cool J.  I love the theatre, but haven’t attended lately because I can’t find a loan company who will underwrite the cost of a ticket. Well, maybe they’re too busy posting “going out of business” signs. No matter, enjoy. See you at the play!

“Iphigenia 2.0 is Charles L. Mee’s modern retelling of Euripides’ classic Iphigenia at Aulis. When Agamemnon, the leader of the Greek army, decides to take his troops into battle, he is asked to first make the ultimate sacrifice of his eldest daughter. Faced with an impossible situation, Agamenon must weigh the welfare of his family against the welfare of his country. Featuring excerpts from Wilfred Owen’s World War I poetry, George Washington’s infamous book of gentleman’s etiquette, and the music of L.L. Cool J and Pink Cadillac.”

Note:   Reservations are strongly suggested! Call 312-922-1999 to make sure your seat is reserved.

Cost: Frugal Free!

When: February 13 – 22, 2009

Where: The Greenhouse Theatre Center, 2257 N. Lincoln Avenue, Chicago

Contact Information: 312-922-1999 (Box Office)

Website: http://theatreschool.depaul.edu/theatre_school_new_director_0809_iphigenia.php

Neighborhood: DePaul/Lincoln Park

Duration: February 13 – 22, 2009

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